Wednesday, April 04, 2007

---The 357 MPH Train 

FOXNews.com - French Train Hits 357 MPH Breaking World Speed Record
[Yeah, I know...it should be reported in KPH...but I think I've sufferred enough for one day.]
They got close to the absolute train speed record on this trip, currently held by a Japanese maglev. The train had oversized wheels, a 25,000 HP motor, and heavier overhead cables delivering higher than normal voltage. It remains to be seen whether the effort will be reflected in regular train service in the near future.
I am reminded of our train travel during our recent European vacation, particularly the trip on a high-speed train from Paris to Rouen. I have video shot from the back window of the train at full speed, if I can figure out how to embed it in a weblog. It should give a pretty realistic sensation of the speeds involved, although I never found out exactly how fast we were going.


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