Sunday, April 01, 2007

---Berger Again, Bello's Bikeless, GMail "Paper" 

It's April again----seems like a vicious cycle....

FOXNews.com - FOX News Special Report 'Socks, Scissors, Paper: The Sandy Berger Caper' Questions Probe of Theft at the National Archives
Fox aired its investigative report into the handling of Berger’s thefts of critical national terrorism intelligence from the National Archives last night. The interviews and timeline of the events are new information, at least to me.

Bello the clown pleads for return of his mini-bike - USATODAY.com
We escorted kids from the extended family to see the circus when it showed up in Houston. “Bello” the clown, foot-high "do" and all, is actually one of the most amazing performers I’ve seen. He intruded on many of the other acts, matching the acrobatics of the somewhat more "regular" performers on a wide range of apparatus.
Now, Bello has lost his little bike---left it leaning against another bike next to a street sign in downtown New York, and---believe it or not---when he went back to get it, it was gone!

About Gmail Paper
What will they think of next? Truly, the pace of modern technology has become dizzying.
Be sure to read the testimonials of the “beta” participants. I was deeply moved.


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