Saturday, March 03, 2007

---Cameron "Mockumentary", Dow, U.S. Veteran Scandal, Atlantis Damaged, and Other Stories 

Here we go again....
FOXNews.com[AP] - Scholars, Clergymen Criticize New Documentary on Alleged Tomb of Jesus Christ
“Pfann is even unsure that the name "Jesus" on the caskets was read correctly. He thinks it's more likely the name "Hanun." Ancient Semitic script is notoriously difficult to decipher.”

The “documentary”, of course, could not have been more factually ludicrous if it had been made by the Comedy Channel. No legitimate scholarly or religious source lends the material the faintest credibility. The Discovery Channel presentation is receiving a public venue solely because it contains a prominent celebrity insulting Christian beliefs.

FOXNews.com [AP]- Wall Street Slammed After China Stock Woes
My Way News[AP] - Swiftness of Dow Drop Due to Computers
The U.S. stock market sufferred a severe “correction” Tuesday, as flutters in the Chinese economy and whatever else causes such events caused investors to get all jittery. Use of computerized trading caused the average to drop 200 almost instantaneously in mid-afternoon, due to a lag in the system caused by the huge volume of sell orders being processed. The markets went on to have the worst week in about four years.

My Way News [AP]- Cheney OK After Afghan Blast; 23 Killed
It was a very busy news week. It included an supposed Taliban attempt to assassinate U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney (although it is unlikely that the attackers could have known he was there) during his visit to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan with a suicide bomb. 23 people were killed, including two Americans.

My Way News[AP] - Ramadi Bombing Kills 18, Mostly Children
Islamic radicals proved the value of their faith this week, by murdering 18 10–to-15-year-old boys who were playing soccer in a park in Ramadi.

My Way News[AP] - Army Secretary Resigns in Scandal's Wake
U.S. Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey resigned Friday, following removal of the commander of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The scandal involves “shoddy facilities”, “squalid living conditions”, and substandard care for Army veterans at Walter Reed.
Mistreatment of military veterans, of course, is a tradition of Western civilization going back at least to Roman times.

FLToday Space: Freak hail storm forces rollback, launch delay Spaceflight Now | STS-117 Shuttle Report | Hail storm damage grounds Atlantis
NASA left its Space Shuttle out in a sudden hail storm on Monday. The upper portion of the infamous External Tank and parts of Atlantis’ wing were pocked with as many as 7000 dings and pits of various sizes. NASA first considered whether the damage---probably the worst suffered by a Shuttle at the launch pad---could be repaired in place. Engineers will now roll the craft back to the VAB and attempt repairs to the damage, including sanding out the dings or pouring in additional foam insulation.
Few motivations besides ISS completion schedule pressure could possibly explain the flutter-brained attempt to patch up the damage rather than to wait for a replacement tank. If the current tank can be patched, they are hoping to launch in April. Otherwise, they would have to wait until June to get Atlantis off the pad.

The Flame Trench: " Report: station robust, but risks remain"
An interesting report, including a list of the most probable ways the ISS and its crew could be destroyed.

Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Pluto probe's amazing view of the volcanic moon Io
On approach to a close encounter with Jupiter, the New Horizons probe returned a picture of the tidally-tortured moon Io, with a huge volcanic plume visible above the surface.

Higgs boson: Glimpses of the God particle - fundamentals - 02 March 2007 - New Scientist
In case you were wondering what physicists think about all day. Couldn’t get through it all---at least not without a nap. Something about finding the particles that mediate the mass of matter, and needing a yet-more-complex model of how the Universe works.

Crabfu SteamWorks
Includes photos and videos of a variety of small steam-powered crawlers, walkers, tanks, and others, some radio-controlled.


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