Friday, March 09, 2007

---Nowak Out, Firemen Against Guliani, WikiTrouble, Swiss Invasion of Liechtenstien, and Other Stories 

FLToday Space: "NASA dismisses troubled Nowak"
Actually, NASA sort of “gave up” its right to borrow her from the Navy, and deferred opinion about her guilt or innocence in the civilian charges against her, effectively making the whole mess SEP*.
According to the article, Nowak is the first member of the astronaut corps ever dismissed ---indirectly or otherwise.
*Somebody Else's Problem [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]
FOXNews.com - Firefighters Union Blasts Giuliani on Post-Sept. 11 Cleanup
I’m not really a Guiliani fan, but this is something of a surprise. After everything that happened in the wake of the horrific tragedy in New York, it doesn’t seem to have been widely publicized that the firefighters harbored lingering animosities against him.

FOXNews.com [NYT] - Wikipedia Editor Out After False Credentials Revealed
It has always been clear that the Wikipedia was a source of first convenience, not really a stand-alone quotable source for most things. Of course, as I have stated many times in this weblog, I’m almost always far too undermotivated to follow up with less convenient and/or more credible sources.
It now becomes apparent that the credibility issues with Wikipedia are more widespread than expected, however, as one of the most prominent contributors reveals that his degrees and other credentials have been exaggerated. In fact, he is a kid (well, 24-year-old, which should be barely old enough to drive) with no degrees or credentials of any consequence. Pretty clever, in some respects, though....

Still unclear if virulent bacteria was cause in 100 hospital deaths - Haaretz - Israel News
Hospitals in Israel have reported an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, which has infected around 200 patients, and may have contributed to the deaths of about 100.
"It is resistant to all forms and kinds of antibiotics known to us at this stage. We are trying to deal with this."
Officials assure that the infections are strictly opportunistic, and would not be a problem for healthy
individuals with normal immune systems.
So far, so good....

My Way News[AP] - Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein
The incident was apparently more embarrassing than aggressive, as a Swiss infantry company blundered into the wrong country last week. Liechtenstein, which lacks armed forces, was nevertheless unimpressed by the incursion.

Computer sleuths try to crack Pioneer anomaly - space - 02 March 2007 - New Scientist Space
Both Pioneer 10 and 11, launched 30-odd years ago, were way off their predicted courses the last time anybody heard from them. Was it an asymmetric heat dissipation or other oddity in the design of the spacecraft, or is our scienterrific understanding of the fundamental principles of gravity lacking?
Some intrepid volunteers are sifting through thousands of pages of telemetry from the historic exploration spacecraft to see what happened.

William J. Clinton Foundation
...if you can say that the people you sought to serve are better off when you stopped than when you started, it will all have been worth it and more. “ ---Clinton at some School Graduation, Dec. 13, 2006
He gets it!!! He finally gets it!!!
Oh, who are we kidding? Bill Clinton is the real-life equivalent of Baltar in the TV series “Battlestar Galactica”---so pervasively pathological that he actually has irrevocably convinced himself that he did the right thing.
Unless he means something metaphorically similar to “...when they stopped repeatedly smashing themselves in the forehead with that cast iron skillet, they were better off than when they started....”

SPACE.com -- New View of Ancient Mars Water System
New views of information from the ongoing remote exploration efforts is gradually refining the initial
hypotheses about water in the Meridiani region of Mars. Rather than the shallow, persistent ocean visualized in early reviews of the MER data, this model proposes that the evaporation-related deposits resulted from periodic, transient backup of groundwater from the newly discovered system of underground channels onto the surface.
There’s still hope for Martian ocean fans, but these guys conclude that Meridiani Planum wasn’t it---because it isn’t a closed area where water could have accumulated.

Imago Dei
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