Thursday, February 15, 2007

---Astronaut Trouble, MRO Problems, Superbowl Ads, Cable TV, Rowboat Recklessness 

Making the news.....
My Way News [AP] - Astronaut Charged With Kidnap Attempt FL Today Space: "Astronaut freed for now, but charged with attempted murder"
In a manned spaceflight program which has come to be almost completely dominated by public relations considerations, this must have been the horror story of a lifetime. NASA responded by issuing “statements” and “reviewing procedures”:
My Way News - NASA to Review Screening Process NASA - Statement Regarding the Status of Lisa Nowak
The press, for its part, went into full “Runaway Bride” mode, blithering vacuously 24-hours a day for a seeming eternity, with headlines such as “Diaper Drive” and “Astronaut Love Triangle”.....
FOXNews.com - NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak Charged With Attempted Murder
The torture didn’t stop, of course, but only found a new target for completely fact-free speculation:
FOXNews.com - Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead, Her Lawyer Says

Law Would Ban IPods When Crossing Street
By the way, this isn’t nearly as funny as it should be. This NY state senator is apparently completely serious.

SPACE.com -- Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Glitch Disrupts Data Flow to Earth
The MRO, which has been returning some of the most spectacular images of Mars ever seen (HiRISE PSP Imaging), has started to experience electronic problems, including increasing noise in the HiRise camera systems.

What I watched during the Superbowl
Coca-Cola - Audio/Video Center - Advertising
Yes, we actually FF’ed through the silly game and watched the commercials later. My personal favorite was a hilarious spoof by the Coca-Cola Co. of the infamous, hyper-violent street racing video game “Grand Theft Auto”.

My Way News - Wrestling Tops Cable Ratings Again
I...just don’t quite know what to say about this. This is a “sport” which has finally admitted that it is largely fictitious, and it has probably increased in popularity as a result. Sort of explains a lot about the Clinton administration, though.....

...also on Cable....
How is Mary the Mediatrix of all Graces? - Catholic Answers Forums Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces
Continuing my sincere effort to understand what Roman Catholics---or at least their leadership----actually believe, I came across this forum and a reference from EWTN. Having arrogated to themselves the authority (by brutalizing the the interpretation of Matthew 16:18-20) to arrogate to themselves the authority to write new scriptures, they continue to heap up whole libraries of these elaborate fantasies---“Mary” is the “Neck”?!. The principle qualification for the Roman Catholic priesthood is evidently a complete immunity to embarrassment.
It has occurred to me that both Julius Caesar and Benedict XVI have been Pontifex Maximus at Rome. Unlike the mythology in the Roman era, however, the new stuff isn’t even particularly entertaining.

My Way News - NYC Ticket Says Man Ran Light in Rowboat
Worse, he apparently did so with an aluminum rowboat which never left his yard.


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