Saturday, February 24, 2007

---Iran's Nukes, The News, NASA, and Other Stories 

Just to narrow it down a little----
I am not the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby....

In another completely unexpected turn of events...
My Way News - Report on Iran: Nuclear Work Ongoing
ElBaradei’s report to the IAEA makes it clear that Iran has not slowed its efforts to procure nuclear weapons technology---and has in fact expanded its program. Moreover, the inflammatory rhetoric from Iranian leaders continues unabated. History, as usual, is repeating itself---again.

My Way News - Iraqi Insurgents Use 2nd 'Dirty' Bomb
Faced with the horrific specter of peace for the people of Iraq in the wake of recent crackdowns, insurgents have begun strapping their improvised explosives to chlorine tanks is a desperate effort to increase civilian casualties.

FOXNews.com - Internet Buzzing Over Mystery Weapon Found in Iraq - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News
Everybody’s playing “what’s that weapon” with Michael Yon’s photos of unidentified weapons found in 2005 in a cache in Mosul. One appears to be a crude, homemade rocket launcher, another could be some kind of sub-munition from a cluster bomb. Everything was destroyed by U.S. forces, and they don’t appear to have been widely deployed against Americans in Iraq since then, so it probably doesn’t really matter.

My Way News - Co-Inventor of the TV Remote Dies
Quick! Name the inventors of:
-Integrated circuits
-Microwave ovens
-Ethernet, WiFi, the computer mouse
-The TV remote

But I’ll bet you know which “pop star” shaved her head last week, and who gets the dead playmate’s baby, and the more technically savvy among you can probably even name the NASA. mission specialist who went bozo recently and tried to kill somebody.

Well, anyway, Richard Alder, a contributor to the development of the television remote control, has died at 93.

At least one political cartoonist thinks all of the lurid sensationalism lately may actually prove beneficial.

Think about it! All the terrorist leaders can do is convince their wacked young people to blow themselves up. But in a world where Darfur only makes a “blip” on the proverbial “radar screen” every three or four months, Americans recently devoted all of their televised “news” resources to a live feed of the “Anna Nicole” courtroom for at least thirty minutes before anything was scheduled to happen!

Be very afraid!!!

SPACE.com -- NASA Has Plan for Unstable Astronauts
Just in case another astronaut goobers out and starts opening airlocks in space or anything, NASA has made plans---evidently involving lots of duct tape.

Now, if they just had some idea of what to do about their managers ....

Spacewalkers to tread lightly amid dangers - Space News - MSNBC.com
James Oberg has some observations---in historical context---about the recent EVA to free an antenna on the Progress freighter which failed to retract on docking with ISS and jammed under a hand rail.


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