Monday, April 02, 2007

---Disastrous Tsunami in the Solomons 

My Way News - Tsunami Devastates Western Solomons
A strong earthquake hurled a tsunami into the Solomon Islands this morning (per U.S. CDT). There have been a lot of strong aftershocks. At least 13 dead, many missing, and the death toll very likely to climb as communications are restored.
Solomon Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CIA - The World Factbook -- Solomon Islands
My awareness of the Solomons seems to be limited to their pivotal role in the Pacific Theater
in World War II, especially the historic Battle of Guadalcanal. The Solomons’ efforts at self-rule since then have been plagued by corruption and unrest involving violent ethnic militias, culminating in the intervention of an Australian-led police force and an international assistance mission (RAMSI). Political and social unrest continue, and the inhabitants can ill afford today’s catastrophe. Prayer is indicated.


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