Friday, November 18, 2005

Zarqawi to Wedding Victims---Ooops!, It's Tropical Storm Gamma, NASA Chief Talks, "Einstein Rings" 

Zarqawi to Wedding Victims---Ooops! [FOXNews.com ]
Faced with widespread outrage across the Middle East---including his home town--- over the horrific suicide attacks in Jordan, the Al-Qaeda leader continued his unprecedented backpedalling. He now claims the wedding ceremony in which 30 people died---including three of the bride’s and groom’s immediately family---was never intended as a target. It was, he now claims, just collateral damage from an attack on an adjacent room in the hotel where “...Israeli and American intelligence officials were meeting ....” Next, we’ll learn that a mysterious giant did it.

Up Next: It's Tropical Storm "Gamma" [FOXNews.com ]
NOAA Tracking
The latest named storm of the record 2005 season formed Friday afternoon off the coast of Honduras, with sustained winds of 40 m.p.h. Looks like it’s headed for Florida.

NASA Chief Talks [FL Today]
Michael Griffin is now saying that in his earlier comments (in an interview with USA Today reported here ) that ISS and the Shuttle programs were “mistakes” ( actually the reporter’s word, if I remember correctly ), he meant that abandoning the moon and other far-reaching goals of the manned spaceflight program for a commitment to low-earth orbit was a “mistake”. Not the way I remember it.... Obviously, the people paying the bills weren’t happy with the earlier implications, even though they were entirely correct.

Hubble Surveys "Einstein Rings"
Photos of the “gravitational lensing” effect of distant galaxies on the light from even more distant galaxies directly behind them.

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