Sunday, November 13, 2005

---Al-Qaeda on Defensive After Jordanian Attacks, Texas Proposition 2 Passes, More on Sony Rootkit Scandal, and Other Stories 

Al-Qaeda Becoming Defensive About Jordanian Attacks [Scotsman.com News, found on BlogsNow.com]
An interesting interpretation of recent events in Jordan. Al-Qaeda leadership, apparently getting the hint that recent bombings in Jordan---which included the wholesale slaughter of guests at a wedding ceremony---went too far, has made several attempts to “explain” the atrocities. They may have been “clued in” that the attacks crossed the line, for example, by the thousands ofJordanian protesters chanting such slogans as "Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!"

Texas Passes Constitutional Amendment Against Homosexual "Marriage" [Click2Houston.com]
It was, of course, worded differently.
“Opponents argue that a constitutional ban is merely a statement of discrimination against homosexuals.”
Exactly---get a clue, people. “Discrimination” against destructive anti-social behavior is a social survival skill.

Boeing 777 Commercial Distance Record [FOXNews.com]
A 777 set a record for the “longest nonstop flight by a commercial jet ” by flying non-stop from Hong Kong to London across the Pacific and U.S.---13,422 miles.

Pluto Explorer Nears Launch [FL Today]
New Horizons is nearing the start of a nine-year trip to Pluto-Charon and beyond. Preparations include replacement of one of the Atlas 5’s solid rocket boosters, which was damaged by hurricane Wilma. The task has been made more complex, and interesting, by the discovery of two additional moons [see Spaceflight Now] orbiting Pluto.

Japanese “Minerva” probe may be LIS [Space.com]
In a second setback for the “Hayabusa” asteroid sample collection mission, the “Minerva” mini-lander appears to have failed to lock in on the surface of the target asteroid and may be lost in space.

Windows Bug Allows Images to Carry Malware [New Scientist]
Microsoft is releasing patches to counter a Metafile buffer-overflow exploit which could allow some images to carry malicious code. The problem recalls past developments which would allow the JPEG format to carry malicious code in its little-known scripting feature.

Sony Rootkit Scandal Expands to Third Parites [FOXNews.com]
Continuing to follow developments in the story on Sony’s outrageous inclusion of malware “rootkit’ exploits on its music CD's to counter music copying---third party malware developers have quickly jumped on the bandwagon by exploiting the undisclosed Sony rootkit to hide their malicious wares on victimized computers. Also see the related article on SpywareInfo.com

MIT Finds Aluminium Foil Ineffective Against Mind Control Rays [found on SpywareInfo.com]
“On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study” Rahimi, et al, 2005
Apparently bored graduate students at MIT have tested several styles of foil headgear, and found that the devices actually amplify some potential mind-control transmissions.

Romans 14
17For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit

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