Thursday, November 17, 2005

U.N. Leaves U.S. In Domain Name Control, Bush Counters Democratic Attacks, Sony Bungles Rootkit "Fix" 

U.N. lets U.S. Keep Control of Internet Names [FOXNews.com]
A U.N. summit meeting somehow managed to defer one of the upcoming horror stories of our time, U.N. control of Internet governance. But then, they did such a great job with “Oil for Food”....

Bush Administration Counters Democratic Claims of Intel Abuse [FOXNews.com]
My Way News
If war is “all Hell”, and the Truth is the first casualty of war, what is political exploitation of a moral aversion to conflict at the expense of one’s countrymen abroad? Obviously few things reduce political opposition faster than losing a war, but this will come at the cost of encouraging enemies to kill American personnel. Try caring about that. Try developing a meaningful agenda that fulfills peoples’ needs instead. In a few years, if it’s not already too late, maybe ask Fidel Castro or Kim Jong Il how much political power is actually worth....

Sony Bungles Rootkit "Fix" [FOXNews.com]
Severely burned by the recent “rootkit” music CD scandal, Sony set out to “fix” consumers’ PC’s by making a removal program available for download. Unfortunately, the download bypasses security measures on the target computers, which makes them susceptible to anyone who wants to download virtually anything onto the user’s machines. If NASA decided to branch out into CD music operations, they couldn’t do much worse.

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