Monday, October 17, 2005

---Wilma Up Next, Iraq Constitution Likely Approved, South Asian Quake Toll Rises, and other stories 

Oh look! Another Hurricane!
With Wilma, they’ve officially run out of names in the regular sequence for Atlantic hurricanes. Here’s NOAA 3-day track. No, it’s not “global warming”. Check 1969.

Azziz May Testify Against Hussein [ FOXNews.com ]
Then again, he may not. His lawyer claimed Tariq Aziz, the imprisoned former deputy prime minister of Iraq was planning to do no such thing.
Does it matter? It’s not like they need more evidence, is it?

Iraq Constitution Approval Likely
[ My Way News ] [ CNN.com ] [ MSNBC.com ]
Turnout was even better, and apparently more determined, than in the referendum in January. A major difference was the high turnout among Sunnis, who mostly boycotted the previous event. Sunni attempts to gather support to defeat the Constitution seem to have failed.
A necessary early lesson about Democracy is the one about making all the people happy all the time. The result almost has to be an improvement over the previous government for everyone concerned.
Violence directed against the voting resulted in the deaths of five U.S. soldiers in a roadside bomb attack near Ramadi. Otherwise, violence was far less than expected, and much less than in January.

South Asian Quake Toll Rises [ FOXNews.com ]
Estimates are that the death toll is at least 54,000. It seems almost inevitable that more will die as Winter closes in on the devastated region and its homeless survivors.

Driver of Texas Nursing Home Evacuation Bus Charged [ FOXNews.com ]
Far from the hero initially depicted in reports of the fire, which resulted in 23 deaths, the driver has been charged with criminally negligent homicide. Investigators found that the bus had poorly maintained brakes. Moreover, the bus driver appears to have been in the U.S. illegally.

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