Wednesday, November 02, 2005

---Images from East Texas: After Rita 

A few of the images from around Beaumont and Orange, Texas in late October, about a month after hurricane Rita tore up the area. There is still an immense amount of damage, fallen trees everywhere, businesses slowly coming back. There is virtually no building in the area that doesn't have at least part of its roof missing, covered with blue plastic tarpaulins. One enterprising homeowner had covered his roof with the plastic signage from one of the many shattered billboards which still litter the countryside.

Broken pine trees in Orange, Texas. All of the broken trunks have fallen toward the southwest.

Smashed traffic lights in Beaumont, Texas

Fallen trees at the Civil War vintage Parish Cemetery in Orange, Texas.

Damaged church in Orange, Texas. The steeple has fallen onto the front lawn.

Business on IH10 East of Beaumont.
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