Thursday, April 12, 2007

---Iraqi Parliament, Tigris Bridge Attacked 

FOXNews.com [AP]- Two Lawmakers Killed in Bomb Attack on Iraq's Parliament

In a serious setback for anyone who still holds any hope that Iraq can have peace and stability, a suicide attacker detonated himself in the cafeteria of the Iraqi Parliament building within the Allied “Green Zone”. The dead (up to 3 at last notice) and wounded included Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish victims, making the attack all the more incomprehensible.
It seems nearly inconceivable that such an attack could have been made without complicity of security forces in the Zone.

My Way News [AP]- 10 Killed in Baghdad Suicide Bombing
Earlier today, yet another idiot blew up himself and a truck laden with explosives on one of the major bridges over the Tigris River. At least 10 are dead, with others missing after their vehicles fell into the river.
Demonstrating an apparent Wile E. Coyote understanding of gravity, the early AP accounts concluded that the bridge must have been attacked by two bombers simultaneously, since the span was broken in more than one place.


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