Sunday, October 01, 2006

---Private Prisons in Afghanistan, 1st Close-Up MRO/HiRISE Images, Armstrong Said "A" After All 

Now, here’s a really great small business idea
My Way News - U.S. Prison Head Freed in Afghanistan
Why can’t I ever think of this stuff?

First HiRISE Image of Mars from Mapping Orbit: Ius Chasma, Valles Marineris
From the version of the MRO/HiRISE images available on most of the news services, it might not be obvious what all the back-slapping at JPL is about. This HiRISE site, however, has the full-resolution (about 9 MB) image, and a nice zoom-and-pan implementation that demonstrates the incredible detail from these first shots. It is possible to zoom down into the floor of this section of the Valles Marineris to see individual boulders strewn across the dunes and ridges. According to the description, the resolution is enough to see objects about three feet across, which would just barely allow it to see a hypothetical human standing on the surface.
My favorite spot, so far, is a small, rough mesa and some ridges near the upper right corner (NE?) of the image field. The cliffs on one side of the elevated area---more-or-less the NW---seem to be edged with a very bright material, and it appears that the areas below are partly obscured by some kind of mist or fog (see inset to right).

Now we can all rest easier...
SPACE.com -- Software Revises Neil Armstrong's Moon Quote
....knowing that Neil Armstrong didn’t actually fumble the most important explorer-debarkation tag line in history.


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