Saturday, September 16, 2006

---Annan Leaving Soon, STS-115 Packs Up 

Light at the end of the tunnel?
My Way News - Latvian Joins Race for U.N.'s Top Post
Maybe, if it doesn’t cave in before we get there. We only have to hold out until December for Kofi Annan, the worst U.N. General Secretary in history, to leave. Of course, his replacement is still a matter of speculation. China is getting a lot to say it the selection, demanding someone from Asia. John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador, is suggesting that they look for someone competent. Place your bets....

STS-115 packs up
Spaceflight Now | STS-115 Shuttle Report | Veteran credits rookies with saving the day on station
NASA is exulting over the successful deployment of new solar arrays on the International Space Vega, but EVA veteran Joe Tanner had a more realistic assessment. He pointed out that EVA'ers Burbank and MacLean had to use a large ratchet wrench and a cheater bar to loosen a jammed restraint bolt , applying something like 130-140 ft-lbs to break it loose, with the constant threat of shearing the head off the bolt. Must be kind of like working on the infamous Chevy Vega while wearing roller blades with inflated party balloons on your hands.

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