Friday, September 15, 2006

---Muslims Don't Like the Pope Anymore, More on STS-115, Update: Spinach Outbreak 

---Also see "The Thing That Fell" in The Shining Pasture

Oh no! It's Muslim Outrage....

My Way News[AP] - Turkish Lawmaker Compares Pope to Hitler
...again. Benedict evidently quoted a conversation between some Byzantine emperor and some Persian scholar or other, which can be used as a pretext for more stomping, screaming, and effigy-burning. These people need to get professional script writers----this "outrage" stuff is starting to get stale.

Spaceflight Now | STS-115 Shuttle Report | Astronauts prepare for final spacewalk
The last planned EVA of the mission is underway. The EVA'ers have deployed an new radiator and are now replacing an antenna. During egress preparations, the Quest airlock blew a breaker, evidently due to a "spike" of current in the depressurization pump. There were no fatalities, however, and the breaker was reset.
In the course of the complex mission, the Astronauts broke tools, lost bolts, and had to strain and sweat over stuck fasteners and misaligned parts---sounds like working on the old '73 Chevy Vega, which is probably as appropriate a metaphor as any....

In fact, there's probably a cheap Sci-Fi animation subject in that somewhere----"Vegas in Space!" If we give the Vegas primitive, constantly glitching, rusty self-aware computer brains which have been stored in a barn in Idaho for 12 years that help the driver reach his or her full team-oriented potential and maturity barely in time for the next tournament, maybe CN will pick it up. If not, it would certainly make an above-average Cruise film.

Let's see---
I insulted Islam, Catholicism, the Byzantine Empire, NASA, Chevrolet, Cartoon Network, Anime, and Tom Cruise, all in about 6 column inches. I'd say that was a good day's 'blogging....

[This just in....
FOXNews.com[AP] - Ohio, Kentucky Report E. Coli Outbreaks Related to Spinach
Spinach kills. One dead, others sickened over 10 states so far, by contaminated fresh spinach.]
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