Monday, October 30, 2006

---October in Iraq, Israelis Attack German Ship, Mormon Cultist Executed, Los Alamos Drug/Document Raid, Caffeine, Space News Rundown, WordPress 

My Way News [AP] - 100 Americans Die in Iraq During October
It has been alarming, of course, to see the daily news of truckloads of mutilated bodies on the streets of Iraqi cities and the rising toll of American lives---but only just in the last few days has it occurred to anyone in the regular news media to speculate that these baby-murdering thugs might be trying to influence the American elections.
What does it say about the future of American republican government (little “r”) if they succeed?

Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon | International News | Reuters.com [found on BlogsNow]
This isn’t making it to most of the national news media, and the reports (there are no photos) may not have been entirely “Reuterized”. Israeli jets buzzed a German warship---part of the U.N. naval monitoring fleet off Lebanon---and apparently fired a couple of warning shots. Further information doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

FOXNews.com - Cult Leader Convicted of Killing Family of 5 Executed in Ohio
Why do these freak shows posing as “belief systems” always boil down to murdering children? Why do they always pose as Christians?
The leader of this Mormon splinter group off another Mormon splinter group went to his death insisting that his beliefs gave him the right to shoot a family of five---including a seven-year-old---into a pit in a barn. Yes, there are demons, and they do still possess people.

My Way News [AP] - Drug Raid Yields Los Alamos Documents
FBI agents looking for methamphetamines at the home of a Los Alamos scientist found more than they bargained for---a stash of classified nuclear weapons documents. What exactly was in the documents, and what the worker planned to do with them, is undisclosed. This is just the latest in a long series of security nightmares at the Nation’s premier nuclear weapons facility.

My Way News [AP] - W. Va. Weighs Record Term for Byrd
...has to have its priorities, obviously.

My Way News [AP] - Caffeine-Stoked Energy Drinks Worry Docs
Little cans o’ death, and available in six-packs (actually, “Sam’s” will sell these murderous concoctions by the case):
"How much of your favorite energy drink or soda would it take to kill
you? Take this quick test and find out." - From the "Death by Caffeine"
calculator: http://www.energyfiend.com/death-by-caffeine/
In Space News:
NASA - 'McMurdo' Panorama from Spirit's 'Winter Haven'
The MER “Spirit” has put together a large panoramic montage of the hilltop vantage where it has been holed up for the Martian Winter. Also available in 3D.
Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | MESSENGER spacecraft completes Venus flyby
In case we forgot---the Mercury orbiter made it to its first slingshot pass at Venus. Pictures were limited, because the closest approach happened on the other side of the Sun. It seems to take an awful lot of energy to spiral in Sunward toward the innermost planet, especially to get there with enough fuel to enter orbit.
JPL.NASA.GOV: Multimedia: "Cassini at Saturn" JPL.NASA.GOV: Multimedia: "Seeing Mars Better Than Ever"
A couple of videos with details of the latest flyby of Saturn’s moon Titan, and images returned from MRO in low Martian orbit.

WordPress › Free Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
Yet another tryout of a free weblog service at Savage Utopia. I probably should call it “HelpMeThinkofaNameforMyBlog.com”. Observations about WP, so far:
So far, it isn’t clear that the free hosting at WP is actually an improvement over Blogger.com. To see everyone elses’ comments, I must be missing something. WP is open-source, which may not be entirely to its advantage.


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