Wednesday, August 30, 2006

---Malkin: "Ambulances for Jihad" 

Michelle Malkin's Hot Air: "Ambulances for Jihad"
This is really disturbing. Malkin reveals evidence that ambulances and other emergency vehicles belonging to the Red Cross/Crescent and U.N. aid organizations, and often partly funded by U.S. taxes and donations, are routinely used by Islamic terrorists to transport terrorists to and from their kills. There is an account of an ambulance carrrying a child being used to smuggle a “suicide belt” laden with explosives to its intended user.
There are also accounts of using the emergency vehicles as props to “play” a credulous or complicit international new media. Ambulances parading up and down a street at high speed so they can be filmed and depicted as rushing to aid victims of Israeli air strikes (busted by CNN!), popping a vent off the roof of an ambulance and claiming that an Iraeli missle intentionally penetrated the roof exactly at the intersection of the “red cross”, and so on and on and on.... The truth of many of these terrrorist propaganda charades are being revealed more and more often by “amateur” news webloggers after “professional” media sources pass them on to the public as “news”.

I can remember the "good old" Arafat days, when the most notable discrepancy we got to see was a Palestinian funeral procession in which a "victim" of Israeli aggression suddenly fell out of his coffin and hurried away.

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