Saturday, May 13, 2006

---Bush Invited to Islam, "Da Vinci Code" Strikes Out, Chopstick Wars, Jupiter's New Spot, The Last of the Hummers 

An unnecessary courtesy
President says his letter to President Bush was invitation to Islam - Irna [found on BlogsNow]
In his regular projectile pronouncement for the week, the Iranian president claimed his letter to Bush last week was not an attempt to justify Iran’s nuclear policy, but to invite Bush to accept Islam. This is doubly preposterous, since G.W. has already fully embraced Islam. He delivered a virtual Islamic sermon to a joint session of Congress in the wake of the 9-11-2001 attacks.

If you hadn’t already guessed, the “da Vinci Code” is a clumsy fake
No Gospel in "Da Vinci Code" Claims, Scholars Say
Even the National Geographic has had trouble getting its “scholars” to support the “da Vinci Code” hoax currently being perpetrated in theaters and in one or more best-selling novels. As I understand the two minutes off the end of their TV documentary I grudgingly watched the other night, the originator of this currently most popular insult to legitimate Christian faith concocted the whole mess back in the 1920’s and placed it in a Paris archive so he could dramatically “discover” it two years later. No comment, apparently, as to why a 20th Century work of fiction should be more or less credible as a historical document than one from the 2nd Century.
Today I saw “da Vinci Code” jigsaw puzzles at Target, which supposedly revealed encoded “secrets” when completed. My reaction was almost as bad as the one I had to seeing the collection of blackened knuckle bones in the “treasury” at Notre Dame in Paris.
[...or was it the 1950's? Okay, so I'm having trouble taking this seriously. What's next? Is the Comedy Channel going to start doing "History" and "Science"?]

More on the “Chopstick Wars”
FOXNews.com [AP]- Shortage of Chopsticks Worries Japan as China Goes Ecological - Science News | Current Articles
Okay, that’s something of an exaggeration, but Japan has faced this crisis for some years now. The insistence of the Japanese consumer on using genuine disposable wooden chopsticks has been apparently denuding whole forests on the mainland to make the billions of the eating utensils required yearly. I’m not sure why more renewable bamboo isn’t good enough, but plastic seems to be too slippery for many Japanese diners. After my occasional attempts to use the ‘sticks for eating Asian foods, I’m not sure what has prevented the whole population from starving to death.

Jupiter gets a new red spot
Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Hubble snaps baby pictures of Jupiter's "Red Spot Jr."
Right before the virtual eyes of astronomers, Jupiter has developed a second “red spot”, below and to the East of the big one first seen by Galileo. See pictures.

Arnold will be so disappointed
FOXNews.com[AP] - GM: End of Production Line for Hummer H1
The civilian-commercial version of the classic military HumVee will go out of production after the 2006 model year. Despite its prominent role in all sorts of juvenile automotive fantasies, the 10 mpg fuel consumption and environmental unfashionableness have doomed the H1.

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