Thursday, March 23, 2006

---Sharia to Kill in Afghanistan, Milosevic Mourned, H5N1 in Egypt, Mars Rovers, MS Vista? 

Afghanistan prepares to execute Christian
CNN.com - Death could await Christian convert - Mar 21, 2006
FOXNews.com - Politics News - Rice Calls Karzai on Christian Convert's Fate

Think about it---a confederation of sadistic, medieval charlatans devoid of concern for basic human decency, sort of like a religious version of the U.S. Supreme Court, but with more members and even less restrained by law or common sense--- “separation of church and state” taken to the other monstrous extreme, so that even the civil government of an Islamic country must bow to its decisions apparently without recourse. It’s the Muslim sharia, and it’s decided to kill again.
Much like an earlier incident in Kuwait, a sharia court in Afghanistan, another Muslim country salvaged at the expense of American lives and treasure, has decided that a citizen who converted from Islam to Christianity some 16 years ago must die. The sharia court case seems to hinge on whether to consider Christian belief a capital crime or a form of insanity.
Amid growing outrage voiced by the U.S. Administration and State Department, Congressmen, Amnesty International, and others, and appeals for reason to Karzai, plans to execute the offending convert apparently continue unabated.
What this situation needs is more cartoonists....

Slobo, we hardly knew ye....
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World News - Tens of Thousands Mourn Milosevic in Belgrade
Once again, we see that nothing sells like genocidal megalomania.

H5N1 death in Egypt
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World News - Egyptian Woman Died From Bird Flu, Initial Tests Show
As in most known cases, the woman who died appears to have contracted the influenza strain from close contact with poultry, not by human transmission
Elsewhere, recent studies [.New Scientist Breaking News - Bird flu's human-attack pathway revealed] suggest that the relative lack of human to human transmission in current strains of the virus is due to its tendency to attack cells deep in the lungs, but not in more superficial respiratory pathways where it could be coughed or sneezed out readily. Of course, that could easily change....

Hard to believe, but...
SPACE.com -- Spirit Mars Rover In 'Drive Or Die' Situation
...rover operators are working on plans to preserve the mobile scientific platforms through a second Martian Winter. In the Gusev Crater, the “Spirit” rover needs to climb a slope to a position with maximum Sun exposure, and its balky right-front drive wheel has finally failed entirely.

Vista?! What’s Vista?
FOXNews.com - Business News - Microsoft Delays Release of Vista Until 2007
Microsoft: Vista won't get a backdoor | CNET News.com

Okay, so I’m a little out of the IT “loop”. The successor to Windows XP, which I never bothered to buy, is apparently called “Vista”, or something, and there’s this big flap because it’s going to be too late for Christmas. What everyone needs---in time for Christmas--- is something even more intrusive in normal users' computing lives, more devoted to such draconian practices as “managed” code, and capable of centralizing more control of the industry in MS HQ. Here are some other opinions:
I'm So Excited by Microsoft Vista. Not.
Vista delay is back to the future for Redmond | Tech News on ZDNet

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