Tuesday, April 25, 2006

---Egyptian Resort Bombed, Iran Again, Bad News for NASA, and Other Stories 

Matthew 24
If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

Another Egyptian Resort Bombing
FOXNews.com/AP - 10 Arrested in Egyptian Resort Bombings
One thing that can be said for stupidity---it does have a certain monotonous consistency about it....
Just take a minute to think about this, guys. If your deity allows you to murder your way into “heaven”, doesn’t it seem likely that he also has a somewhat deficient concept of “paradise”? Maybe you should ask a few more questions before you go out to blow yourself up with that restaurant full of women and children....
...like, say, “Nine virgin what?

FOXNews.com/AP - Iran Hints at Exiting Nuclear Treaty
Iran’s Ahmadinejad said some more stuff. Perhaps online gaming could teach us something about dealing with people like this. Why doesn’t the news come with an “Ignore” button?
Ok, boys and girls, be sure to catch up on your required reading at the CIA - The World Factbook -- Iran .
But it is extremely unlikely that the U.S. would take direct action against Iran. The military types have surely played the same simulation games we have: The players for China, North Korea, and a suspiciously re-Communized Russia (he’s obviously been masterfully holding onto that event card for dozens of turns) all take exception to the U.S. players’ completion of his contiguous sphere of influence spanning the entire Middle East and Asia from the Mediterranean to the Chinese border, and form an alliance, despite the U.S. player’s impassioned pleas that he only wants to instill “peace” and “democracy” in the region. Russia sends advanced weaponry to Iran, North Korea ships long-range missles with nuclear warheads (or activation codes for the ones it already sneaked in while the U.S. was out getting a cup of whipped cocoa), and China invades Afghanistan and/or Pakistan with massive land forces. The U.S. is further befuddled by simultaneous threats to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and various nominal allies in the Middle East, in addition to resurgent political chaos in Iraq, and sullenly decides to quit and go watch “Aliens” for the sixteenth time. The rest isn’t history...yet.

More bad news for NASA
Spaceflight Now | STS-121 Shuttle Report | Tank foam lost during shuttle wind tunnel test
Yes, space fans, the changes to the PAL streamlining foam for the infamous External Tank appear to actually make the debris shedding worse. This can’t be good news for the re-return to flight currently scheduled for July.

Michelle Malkin
Hot Air
Michelle Malkin has inaugurated her new conservative podcast. On the video “Vent” feature, Malkin had a lot to say yesterday about certain ethical inconsistencies by major technology vendors where big bucks in China are at stake. Out here, major search engines such as Google reveal that Tian'anmen Square was a peaceful mass demonstration against the Communist Chinese government which was brutally suppressed. In there, it’s a tourist attraction....

So much for the ST hiatus theory
SPACE.com -- 'Star Trek' to Return with 'Mission Impossible: 3' Director at Helm
There have been some rumors about a “young next generation” plot, or something. Even though no actual plot has been officially mentioned, this one already has “straight to HBO” written all over it.

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