Thursday, May 04, 2006

---Moussaoui Goes Away, al-Zarqawi Follies, Comet Breakup, Craters and Dunes on Titan 

Promises, promises....
My Way News/AP - Moussaoui Offers Final Diatribe in Court
The judge in the case promises that we won’t have to endure any further public comments after this one.

My Way News/AP - Video Shows al-Zarqawi Fumbling With Rifle
U.S. intelligence has obtained the uncut version of al-Zarqawi’s recent video, and is apparently yucking it up about his fumbling efforts to operate an automatic weapon and his choice of footwear. In defense of the hellish mass-muderer’s military skills, the weapon appears to be a U.S. Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW, which I think would be classed as a support light machine gun rather than a "rifle"), with which he’s probably not that familiar---and he must not have had any helpless women and children or wedding parties to practice on before he shot the video.

Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Hubble provides spectacular detail of a comet's breakup
SPACE.com -- NASA Says Comet Fragments Won't Hit Earth

We have spectacular Hubble photos of the breakup of comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3. NASA sources dismissed any possibility that any of the fragments would threaten Earth.

New Scientist SPACE - Breaking News - Colossal dunes swathe Saturn's giant moon
JPL: Catalog Page for PIA08425

The latest Cassini flyby of TItan returned new SAR images of the bright “Xanadu” region, which is detectable with telescopes on Earth. The images show more circular features which may be impact craters and more “sand” dunes. It isn’t clear what “sand” is made of on Titan. Cassini had a 5-hour power outage while returning data from the flyby which caused the loss of some science data. NASA has speculated that the outage was caused by “cosmic rays” hitting the power switch. How many college students have tried that one during finals?

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