Saturday, December 10, 2005

---Christmas 2005 BarneyCam, CA Deadlier Than Iraq?, Russia Sells Weapons to Iran, Clinton Emits, Brokeback Mountain Sweeps Oscars, and Other Stories 

Barney and Beazley at Christmas
Forget all the silly news and political commentary---the Christmas 2005 Barney Cam is out! See Barney Cam: "A Very Beazley Christmas"
There’s a great clip in this one of GWB parodying his own rather wooden speaking style.

"California homicides dwarf Iraq deaths" [WorldNetDaily] [found on BlogsNow]
Not to minimize in any way the loss of life in the Iraqi conflict, or the danger faced daily by U.S. troops, but press coverage of the U.S. body count often seems to lack a certain critical perspective. I’ve often wondered how many deaths would have resulted from taking the 150,000 or so U.S. personnel, giving them all sports cars, and moving them to Los Angeles. This story compares the total yearly coalition losses in the Iraq war to the yearly homicide rate in LA.

Russia Sells Weapons to Iran [FOXNews.com ]
In case you were deluded into thinking that Russian morality was materially changed from the Soviet era, this should slap you awake. Now where are those nuclear weapons?

Clinton Criticizes Bush on Greenhouse Emissions [FOXNews.com ]
What we need to be controlling are Bill Clinton’s emissions. Don't former presidents have some kind of code of conduct or something?

USB air darts [Engadget ] [found on BlogsNow]
Forget your silly water pistols and paper wads. Now you can aim air-driven missles at co-workers or small animals with this launcher controlled by your mouse through your computer’s USB port. I’m guessing the novelty will wear off pretty quickly, though.

purgatorio: You Might Be Emerging If...[found on BlogsNow]
Fairly gentle humor aimed at the “Emerging Church” movement. Attempts to “reinvent” the Church with “post-modern” psychological and cutting-edge management theory, or wherever this stuff comes from, don’t really interest me. Like most of the respondents, though, I can identify with a couple of glasses of Guiness Stout.

Hold Your Votes, Please! [Movies.com]
This year’s “English Patient”-style Oscar sweep is in the bag. Like that earlier demonstration of the integrity of professional movie critics, they will probably be the only viewers of “Brokeback Mountain”, and among the few who could possibly even care to contemplate what lonely cowboys do in front of the cows. Again this year, they will probably the only ones watching the Oscar presentations as well.

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