Monday, November 28, 2005

Chinese Cover Up Avian Flu Outbreaks, US Supreme Court's Facade is Cracking, Vermont HS Teacher Uses Quiz for Politics 

Chinese Government Lying About Number of Avian Flu Cases? [New Scientist]
If the assertion by the Chinese that they were treating only three human cases of H5N1 immediately sent chills up and down your collective spines, your suspicions were collectively justified ( all two or three of you who have actually read this weblog more than once ).
A Japanese scientist working with the WHO reported “unauthorized information” of “...several dozen outbreaks in people, nearly 300 deaths, 3000 people placed in isolation, and seven human-to-human transmissions.” This article also reports rumors that medical personnel have been arrested for attempting to report infections. Even the “unofficial” rumors may only be the “tip of the iceberg”, because Chinese monitoring of influenza outbreaks is thought to be hopelessly inadequate even if it weren’t being stifled.
While the WHO downplays possible hiding of influenza cases by the Chinese government, one must remember the role this government played in covering up early outbreaks (from a Washington Post story) in the ‘90’s and ensuring that the virus became massively resistant to amantadine. It is time for outside international “help” in monitoring the progression of the disease in the Communist country, before China becomes the world’s graveyard.

U.S. Supreme Court's Facade is Cracking [FOXNews.com]
No, really. Entirely appropriate symbolism aside, pieces of a marble dentil broke off the Supreme Court building and almost fell on tourists. If this is an example of Divine Sarcasm, it’s not like anybody inside is going to get it.

At Least He Didn't Use the "C" Word [FOXNews.com]
An avowedly liberal high school teacher in Vermont used a vocabulary quiz as a vehicle for his anti-administration, anti-conservative political views---which were neither particularly subtle nor intellectually stimulating.

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