Tuesday, June 05, 2007

---Cyclone Gonu Heads for Iran 

It’ll be a wet day in....
My Way News - Cyclone Gonu's Winds Blast Oman Coast
Cyclone nears Persian Gulf oil supplies - Weather - MSNBC.com
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...uh, well, Iran, for one. Tropical Cyclone Gonu weakened from Category 5/160mph to about Category2/106mph before it glanced off the coast of Oman today. There have been evacuations, but no reports yet of damage or injuries.
It is expected to weaken further to a tropical storm equivalent before it crosses the Gulf of Oman and makes landfall in southeastern Iran in the next few hours.
According to some sources (I’m still trying to find it in writing), Gonu is the first cyclone (=hurricane) ever known to enter the Gulf of Oman, and landfall of a cyclonic system in Iran is apparently also unprecedented in history.
It’s not clear whether the storm’s path will take it over the critical Straight of Hormuz. Many people in many places will be sweating through this event, since it is likely to adversely affect oil processing, loading, and shipping in the Gulf for a number of hours.

[Additional information, and a more accurate timeline from the AP:
My Way News - Thousands Evacuated Ahead of Cyclone
Gonu has taken a NW turn that is likely to make the Straight of Hormuz impassible to tanker traffic for the duration.]


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