Monday, November 06, 2006

---Saddam on Appeal, Google Targets Nazis, Discovery Ready to Roll, and Other Stories 

FOXNews.com - Iraq Appeals Court Expected to Rule on Saddam by Mid-January
The appeal of Saddam Hussein’s sentence of death by hanging is set to be completed in record time, compared to U.S. legal customs. As predicted, the Shiite Iraqis are firing their guns in celebration, while the Sunni Iraqis are firing their guns in protest. Violence in the wake on the ex-dictator’s conviction doesn’t seem to have been as severe as expected, at least not yet. It was surprising to hear that Hussein bade his supporters not to seek revenge against the Americans for his death sentence. I don’t actually know what that really means...

My Way News [AP]- Germans Tell of Secret Nazi Program
This story is really nothing new---I’ve heard of the attempted Nazi WWII “uber-Aryan’ breeding programs for years. The main reason for this post is to stifle a few giggles over the Google “targeted ads" that resulted from reading it:
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(JPEG Image, 750x544 pixels)

This is why I don’t read Dilbert much any more---it’s too much like going to my job for six years at a NASA contractor....

Speaking of NASA....
The Flame Trench space blog by Florida Today:" NASA aims to move Discovery to pad"
The Shuttle Discovery is about ready to move to the pad in preparation for a December launch attempt for the next big ISS assembly mission.
Glitch could postpone shuttle launch - Human Spaceflight - MSNBC.com[Reuters]
If Discovery’s mission is delayed to a point that the Shuttle would be in space through New Year’s, 2007, the launch will have to be delayed until next year---to prevent the craft’s computers from “inventing” a day #366, while ground computers properly reset the date to Jan. 1. Flying through the end of a year apparently just wasn’t something the programmers thought about.
The Flame Trench space blog by Florida Today:" Toxic fuel leak prompts evacuation at KSC"
Two hangars at KSC were evacuated because of a hydrazine leak, thought to have come from residual fuel in tanks for Atlantis’ OMS manuvering engines. No one was injured in the incident.
FL Today Space [AP]:"NASA workers sleeping in photos"
Cowing’s NASA Watch evidently found a 1 ½- year-old photo of Workers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center sleeping at their consoles and playing online card games.
At least they weren’t working crossword puzzles---I guess that was the dodge of choice at JSC in the “old days”, before online poker games were available. Everyone seemed to have their crossword puzzle books stashed in their desks in those days. When the management leaves you with absolutely nothing to do, sometimes for six months at a time, you have to find something or risk insanity.
FL Today Space:"ISS crew repairs oxygen generator"
But among people who have been busy lately, the Space Station crew has successfully repaired the Elektron O2 generator, which burped KOH electrolyte soon after the last Shuttle visit.


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