Wednesday, November 15, 2006

---Hell is For Idiots, "Borat" Cheats Poor People 

FOXNews.com - Abizaid: No Timetable for Iraq Withdrawal, But Control Must Come Soon
Yes, boys and girls, War is all Hell. Could it get worse?

Of course! Now, Hell is being run by idiots!

Their intention, as far as I can guess, is to unleash apocalyptic chaos in the Middle East, and blame it on the Republicans....

Speaking of idiots....
FOXNews.com - Romanians Say 'Borat' Misled Them
...there’s this wretched “mockumentary” posing as humor, and featuring anti-Semitism and overt abuse of poor people. Why did so many of you pay money to watch this mortal insult to the human species?


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