Friday, February 03, 2006

---Ferry catastrophe, Tornadoes Hit New Orleans, Muslim Cartoon Flap Update II 

Ferry catastrophe on the Red Sea
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World News - Ferry With 1,300 Aboard Sinks in Red Sea
A large Egyptian ferry has gone down off Hurghada. Of 1300 passengers, many of them returning from the recent hadj in Mecca, it looks like only about 180 are accounted for. Other survivors face cold waters as darkness falls over the area.

It’s not getting any better in New Orleans
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World News - Tornadoes Sweep Through Katrina-Hit Areas
We can only hope Robertson and Nagin can keep their mouths shut.

Oh well, here we go again:
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World News - Thousands Protest 'Offensive' Cartoons in Gaza
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World News - Militants Surround EU Offices in Gaza Over 'Offensive' Cartoons
---although common sense seems to have prevailed in unexpected places:
"In one unusual twist, Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas leader, visited a Gaza church Thursday and promised protection to Christians after Fatah gunmen threatened to target churches as part of their protests. Zahar offered to dispatch gunmen from Hamas' military wing, the Izzedine al Qassam Brigades, to guard the church ;
"You are our brothers," Zahar told Father Manuel Musallam of the Holy Family Church."

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