Tuesday, February 21, 2006

---No Hope for Philippine Landslide Survivors, Iraq's WMD's in Lebanon, "Pappy" Boyington Too Violent for U. Wash. Radio Shack CEO Resigns 

Hope gone for more survivors in Philippine landslike
FOXNews.com [AP] - U.S. & World News - Landslide Search Party Shifts Location of Digging
Rescuers, including U.S. Marines, suspended efforts to find survivors in the village school. Continued heavy rains, negative results from ground-penetrating radar, and perhaps 100 feet of mud covering the site made prospects of finding anyone alive in Guinsaugon extremely remote. There are over 100 confirmed deaths, with more than 1,000 missing.

Surprise of the Century---Iraqi WMD’s were removed before 2003 war!
Ex-Official: Russia Moved Saddam's WMD
CIA can't rule out WMD move to Syria - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - April 27, 2005
WorldNetDaily: New evidence: Saddam's WMD in Lebanon

Russian special forces, GRU, and other specialists, acting under standing "emergency exit" orders, were tracked by U.S. satellites as they sanitized Saddam’s WMD sites of any evidence of biological and chemical weapons production and moved the materials and equipment to the Bekka Valley in Lebanon, where the Syrians buried it in anticipation of the U.S. invasion in 2003.
Not that this should be a big surprise to anyone----although I thought, for some reason, that Iran would also be involved, which doesn’t make that much sense in retrospect.
What is new and troubling is speculation on the motives of the U.S. administration in dismissing the evidence of Russian and Syrian involvment---that the Bush administration weathered a political firestorm which seriously damaged its credibility because it needed to avoid incrimination of the Russians in order to secure their political/diplomatic participation in control of Iran.
Oh, and the Chinese and French were also involved in Iraqi pre-war WMD production up to their eyeballs.
Did I mention that human civilization doesn’t actually work?
CIA - The World Factbook -- Syria

“Pappy” Boyington too violent for students
Boyington Memorial Nixed at U. of Wash.
Boyington was one of the most unique personalities in aviation history, and important to the understanding of the most devastating war in human history. Of course, 90% of college students are at least 250% of the nations most ignorant people. That’s why we send them to college---or was it so they can get us football tickets?

Radio Shack suffers a managerial setback
FOXNews.com - Business News - RadioShack President, CEO Steps Down Amid Resume Questions
Radio Shack CEO, David Edmondson claimed to have degrees in Theology and Psychology from an obscure Baptist college which says he only finished two semesters, and that they never offered a degree in Psychology. Radio Shack apparently didn’t do background checks on the factuality of resume assertions for their important executives when Edmondson signed on in the ‘90’s, or befoe putting him in charge of the entire company.
But, come on, guys---it’s Radio Shack!

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