Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito Hearings, Iran Resumes Nuke Work, Apple Goes Intel, LSD Discoverer 100, New IR View of Our Galactic Center 

Alito for the Supremes:
[FOXNews.com - Politics - A Mostly Swimming Day for Alito]
Samuel Alito works the room, looking to join the highest ranks of the most preposterous fraud ever to pose as a judicial system. If George III of England could see this, would he laugh or cry? During a moment when I couldn’t surf away from the news channels fast enough, I actually thought I overheard Ted Kennedy say that he found the prospective high court justice’s behavior troubling....

Watch It, Iran! The IAEA is Getting Really Steamed This Time.....
[FOXNews.com/AP - U.S. & World - Iran Pops Seals on Nuke Plants]
Iran has resumed work on its budding nuclear program, despite growing international anger and frustration. Iran continues to be led by one of the most irrational and unstable of the Islamofacists, and apparently can buy anything it wants from the Russians. Maybe the “bird flu” will get everybody first, and we won’t have to worry about this mess.

Apple Does What?
[FOXNews.com/AP - Technology - Apple Rolls Out Intel-Based iMacs, Laptops]
Did anything freeze over that I’m should be aware of? Next thing we know, they'll be running Windows. I'm on the verge of having to admit, however, that the IPod thing is kind of interesting.

Or, Lazy, Stupid, Dimwits
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Father of LSD Turns 100
Albert Hofmann, who discovered lysergic acid diethylamide while searching for psychiatric uses for derivatives of the alkaloid toxins of ergot rye fungus in 1938, is 100 years old. He discovered the psychoactive properties of the drug later when he accidentally got some on his skin. Hofmann continues to advocate medical use of LSD, but cautions that abuse can have “catastrophic consequences”.
Another horrific fungal alkaloid story---allotoxin, lysergic acid. This also calls to mind the ergot poisoning outbreak in Pont St. Esprit, France in 1951 [see "Ergotism" entry from Wikipedia]. You know, if the fungi don’t want to be messed with, why can’t they just learn to put up signs or something?
Also see The Wikipedia entry "LSD".

Spitzer Images Galactic Center
JPL: Catalog Page for PIA03654
A spectacular mosaic of infrared images of the center of our galaxy. Lurking in the bright spot at the middle is a monstrous hole in space-time.

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