Tuesday, February 05, 2008

---Res Publica Tonight 

It's a formula that has become familiar, and sometimes almost acceptable in American households over the last few years: "Reality" programming, that blending of the best of the worst of soap opera and pro wrestling, which works so well because, apparently, you'll believe anything.
It was probably inevitable that such a successful formula would be applied to politics, as I'm personally convinced it has this year. So, let's recap the show so far:
A few weeks ago (?), our gentle, hyper-intelligent international beauty Hillary was victimized by evil men who wanted them to do their ironying, er, ironing.

FOXNews.com - Sexist Backlash May Push Hillary Into White House - Opinion

Then, despite polls showing her lagging her main rival by double digits, the Hillary won in N.H. Everyone was shocked at how wrong the polls were:

You Decide 08! » Good Night for Clinton But Not So Good For Pollsters, Pundits

Every possible explanation seems to have been considered for the failure of polls to predict the outcome, except the possibility that the poll-takers were expecting voters to be consulted.
In later weeks, the Hillary has been seen being:


Women return to Clinton in N.H. - Decision '08- msnbc.com


Hillary lightens mood on the campaign trail with stewardess spoof


My Way News - Clinton, Obama Step Back From Race Flap

...and nigh-messianic:

Today, as the Big "Vote" looms over the Nation like a darkening storm, everyone is hanging about waiting to see what will happen to the Hillary in this really unpredictable actually democratic primary voting thingy:

All Eyes on Clinton As Big Vote Nears

But the continued descent of the American Presidency into comedic irrelevance, on top of the disintegration of our laws, judiciary, and legislatures into whim and indulgence, has real consequences. Before this, it might have been possible, in the case of U.S. Presidents who weren't too busy with personal problems, for the prestige of the office to have an effect on severe crises such as yet another genocidal tribal war in Africa:

FOXNews.com - At Least 7 Butchered to Death in Ethnic Kenya Clashes - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

There is literally nobody available from either side in the current election who can do this job. It's pretty much over even before the voting starts.

Nobody won.

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