Sunday, November 25, 2007

---Politics, Religion, the Cold War 

In politics:
Clinton to unveil mandatory health care proposal - CNN.com
There has been a lot of speculation lately that the contest between Hillary and Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination is all a sham, and that the Clinton-II/Obama ticket was set before the campaigns ever got started. I have a somewhat more cynical conspiracy theory---that Hillary has already been “elected”, to continue to keep her quiet about Bill’s “Presidency”, and that the current suffering we are enduring is even more completely unjustified.
The fact that Hillary can still appear in public---without being plastered with vegetable matter or barbequed by the press---- after unveiling yet another mandatory “health-care” plan seems to reinforce the speculation that some sort of fix is in.
The other options are hardly more encouraging:
My Way News - Christian College Embraces Romney Bid
Romney: Judge He Appointed Should Resign
Clinton Would Boost Autism Funding
Thompson Tweaks Rivals Over Gun Control
Obama Touts Health Care Plan
Giuliani: Ease Burdens on Business
Edwards Offers Heating Oil Plan
Huckabee Stumps With Ex-Wrestler Flair
Romney, Giuliani Spar on Spending
There is an astounding and dangerous vacuum of leadership for the upcoming Presidential term. There is literally nobody lining up on either side of the election who actually has any business in a responsible position of authority. The best people now preparing to run would be only adequate as placeholders. The Republic is doddering on the brink of....something really unpleasant, and the people who want to drive can’t seem to reach the pedals.

In religion news:
DiNardo Becomes Texas' First Cardinal - Houston News Story - KPRC Houston
The world-wide “great lady” cult, which has prolonged itself into the modern age by giving its ridiculously obsolete pagan rituals “Christian-y” names, has turned its special attention to Texas. (Expired) Lottery tickets for everybody!!!

FOXNews.com - Saudi Marriage 'Expert' Advises Men in 'Right Way' to Beat Their Wives
FOXNews.com - Saudi Arabia's Judiciary Defends Verdict Sentencing Rape Victim to 200 Lashes and Jail Time
Just to be sure we all get this in the right perspective, these are the “moderate” Muslims.....

One of the more interesting Sitemeter hits this week was from Fulda, Germany. If that doesn’t bring back memories, Fulda used to be near the East-West German border in the Cold War days, in a strategically critical mountain pass. For a summary of its would-be historical significance:
Fulda Gap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The closest I ever got was to play the classic Soviet invasion scenario with metal miniatures on the giant, fiberglass, 3D terrain map provided by the Texas A&M ROTC (I think?).


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