Saturday, July 08, 2006

---Siberian Airliner Crashes with 200 Aboard 

Siberian airliner crashes on landing
My Way News[AP] - Scores Feared Dead in Siberia Runway Crash
CNN.com - Airbus A-310 jet crashes in Russia - Jul 8, 2006
A Sibir (Siberian Airlines) airliner with 200 people aboard has veered off the runway at Irkutsk while landing. The plane crashed through a concrete barrier and into buildings, and burst into flame. Currently it appears that 10 got out okay, 43 were taken to hospitals, and most of the rest are feared dead.
The AP story says it was an Airbus 390, which appears from a quick web search to be a 4-engine model. The CNN story refers to the 2-engine 310, which seems more likely for some reason.

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