Thursday, July 06, 2006

---Bloomberg Honest About Immigration, China and Russia Again, FBI Passwords Stolen, STS-121 On-Orbit 

FOXNews.com [AP]- Bloomberg: New York City Will Collapse Without Illegal Immigrants
NY’s Mayor Bloomberg had a candid moment in front of a Senate hearing. In other words, our current economy would be unsupportable if we actually had to pay all workers a fair living wage to support it. We were supposed to have learned this lesson already.

A predictable result
My Way News - China, Russia Resist North Korea Sanctions
Russia and China
, with duplicity bordering on outright betrayal, are refusing to actually afflict North Korea with actual consequences for its deliberately provocative missile testing.

Another predictable result
FOXNews.com[AP] - Hacker Uses Free Software to Steal Secret FBI Passwords
Yes, the FBI is right on track to modernize and secure its computers, including learning about such cutting-edge technologies as "networks". Uhm..."Virtual Case File"....didn't actually work, so, we, like, need another half-a-billion or so to try to get "Sentinel"working by 2009...yeaaah...that's the ticket.
This time, a consultant was able to extract a large list of critical passwords for high-level agency personnel, using some unidentified free software.
This would be a lot funnier---just a bunch of lovable goof-ups doing what they do best---if we could forget to wonder what they were doing on 9-10-2001, and if they weren't evil as hell.
Really, guys, you should call in the playground full of eight-year-olds like I suggested earlier.

Spaceflight Now | STS-121 Shuttle Report | Crew told about debris, gap filler as they near station
On-orbit inspection of the ascent damage to the Shuttle so far shows several minor dings, a protuding gap filler, and some bird droppings. The orbiter is performing its end-over-end pitch manuver on approach to ISS for high-resolution photographic inspections. They evidently are using an 800mm lens.....I guess that wouldn’t fit in a camera bag anyway.
There is much collective relief that the debris during ascent seemed to be at an acceptable minimum, and that no serious damage was done to the vehicle. Complacency will take a little longer....
Listening to the live feed on FL Today’s “Flame Trench” weblog: I thought I heard the Russians squabbling about who had to clean out the Soyuz, before the Shuttle even docked to the Station.

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