Friday, July 08, 2005

---Justice Denied, London Under Attack, Unskilled and Unaware, More Comet Science, O’Conner Retires 

London Under Attack
Another skillfully coordinated, well implemented, completely insane and senseless attack by monstrous, pseudoreligious psychopaths....
A day after the attack, the British try to go on with their business in a tradition born in earlier conflicts.
For our part, we pray, looking forward to a day of better and wiser things.

Justice Denied
The Groene kidnapping and murders continue to provoke questions that can't really be answered. By several accounts, Duncan, arrested for violation of parole from one child rape and suspected of another, was released on relative pocket-change as bail by a judge who had never seen the convicted rapist’s record.
The consequences of this perversion of justice; six dead and two more children repeatedly abused, the survivors of another family devastated beyond comprehension by monstrous evil in a working partnership with unfathomable stupidity.
The American judiciary---so efficient and capable when stamping out politically unpreferred thoughts and ideas---no longer has any real practical function in the service to the American people for which it was given unthinkable power in exchange.
It is no longer relevant whether we have anything to replace it or whether our republican institutions can survive without it----we are already barely subsisting in spite of it. A growing number of its victims aren’t even that fortunate.

Unskilled and Unaware
[Found on Blogsnow] On the lighter side, this study confirms a long-held intuitive notion that the most incompetent members of any organization are also those who think most highly of their skills.
It's another one of those times when anybody who's ever worked for the government might have saved the granting agency a lot of money.
In my experience, the self-deluded incapable are also the ones who most aggressively pursue---and often achieve---high leadership positions, usually involving someone else's safety, the critical business of the Church, or the future well-being of large numbers of other people and their families and generations yet unborn if at all possible---or maybe I'm just getting old and embittered.

Tempel-1 Impact Analysis Continues
It wouldn’t
be much fun if it turned out like everyone expected. Analysis of the plume thrown out by the “Deep Impact” spacecraft shows that it consists of extremely fine powder. An early conclusion is that the nucleus more resembles a large clump of “talcum powder” than the snowball or ice cube analogies frequently used. They still have to figure out the cause of the blinding flash that resulted, settle bets about the size of the crater they made, and several careers worth of other stuff.
If one did ever have to deflect something like this from a collision course with Earth, the necessary understanding of
the mechanical properties would probably require several careers after that.
...or maybe it’s more like that freeze-dried Astronaut “ice cream” that NASA used to sell to unsuspecting visitors.

O’Conner Retires
While the subject of judicial perversion is still bouncing around the old virtual blog container---Sandra Day O’Conner stepped down from the U.S. Supreme Court recently.
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has a number of salient observations about the departing Justice this week.
It’s safe to say, in any case, that if O’Conner and the members of the “Court”, as we Americans sometimes call it, can still use words like “Constitutional” and “legitimacy” without incandescing with shame, they’ll be the last to know.

Proverbs 17:7
Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool—
how much worse lying lips to a ruler!

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