Sunday, May 29, 2005

---Warning! Incoming Movie Review 

SW3-ROTS (with a few "spoilers"):
I finally got to see "Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith ". It was actually very entertaining, certainly the best of the latter series.
Okay, when you start and end a gigantic, 28-year story in the middle, there are bound to be plot holes you can drive a [fill in the large interstellar SW spacecraft of your choice here] through. The movie contains some of the least convincing romance and death scenes in recent movie history. It suffers from a problem with all of the Star Wars movies; there are so many bits and pieces of story to be explicated that much of the movie is filled up with a multitude of all-too-brief snippets of action cut up with rather amateur scene transitions. The attempts to make Obi-wan both a loveable dingbat and a master Jediwho must overcome the most dangerous enemies in the universe almost singlehandedly are confusing and frustrating. That Anakin is constantly hanging around an obviously pregnant Padme and none of the Jedi masters get a clue that something is "up", ranks with Clark Kent's glasses for overall believability. The Senate jumps from a spirited defense of democracy to cheering acceptance of empire without the slightest evidence of transition.
But you get to see Yoda---at his animated best and most believable in the series---get seriously old-school up in the bad guys' faces one more time. The spacecraft, battles, and cities are truly astounding. The planetside battles include some very convincing attack ornithopters---now I wish various implementations of Dune had tried a little harder on this. The final climactic battle, which everyone knows is coming with teeth-grinding inevitability, is titanic and horrible, and probably the main justification for the PG-13 rating.
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